PopCorn Maker

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PopCorn Maker

Hey cuisine chef! kids fun is back with another exciting food factory game. After the success of ice cream popsicle factory and chocolate candy factory games, here we presents popcorn maker factory game with a lot of fun farming, cooking and making activities in factory's kitchen. Now play this popcorn maker factory game and experience real simulator of growing corn farm, making and cooking popcorns and delivering them to stores after packing. Welcome to Virtual world of factory simulation setting! You already have played many popcorn cooking games but in this game you will get to cook and bake multiple flavors of popcorn like caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn and salted popcorn. Cooking and making food in the restaurant or house kitchen is easy but prepare it in factory kitchen is a real challenge. Work as factory worker operate heavy factory machinery and plants to make this healthy snack within few minutes. This snack maker mania will let you to learn process of popcorn making, from growing corn plants in the farmer farm to cooking of popcorn in factory machine plants. Little boys and girls get ready to be the part of factory mania & adventure. This game is as much fun as ice cream fever & candy factory.
Popcorn Packing Crazy chef Now prepare and design wrapper for popcorn packing Design logo and choose the color of wrapper Now fill the popcorn in the packets and seal the packs Place the snacks packets in the boxes and seal the boxes with tape and


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